Serdar Özden

Serdar Ōzden was born on 24th Dec, 1986 in Ankara, Turkey. His professional aviation career started in 2009 at Guvercinlik AB. He has flown with Bell AB-206, AB-212 and Sikorsky S-70  helicopters for more than 1500 hrs and still in active duty. He also obtained his CPL-A licence  from Turkish CAA in 2017 with single engine and IR ratings.

Mr. Özden started his academic career in 2019 as a MSc student in Ankara University Graduate School of Educational Sciences. His field is Educational Technology and he is focused on educational use of Personal Computer Based Flight Simulators in Aerospace Education. Mr. Özden is also studying Aviation Management in Anadolu University, Sociology in İnönü University and contributing to International Virtual Organisation as a Senior Training Advisor.

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